Sirens provides perfect security solution to home owner with a loud piezo siren. Two-way wireless siren produces all alerts with differentiated alarm sound for intrusion and fire. The extremely strong siren sound and built-in high power strobe lights to ensure alarm gets noticed.

SR-720B PG2

Indoor Siren

  • Featuring an elegant, thin profile Design
  • Ideal Indoor Siren for residential and light commercial buildings
  • Differentiated alarm sound for intrusion and fire
  • Double temper Protection
  • 110dB Piezo siren and high-power strobe light

SR-740 PG2

Outdoor Siren

  • Sleek design and robust weatherproof housing (IP55) with high power strobe light
  • Differentiated alarm sounds for intrusion and fire, Gas
  • Configured from the panel – no hardware switches and no need to re-open the siren once closed
  • Easy, cabling-free installation
  • Double tamper protection (wall and cover)

SR-740 HEX PG2

Outdoor Siren

  • Two-way wireless Outdoor Siren
  • Sleek Design Hexagonal and robust Device
  • Weatherproof housing IP55 protected
  • Visible signal quality indication shown in device
  • Greater transmission range than industry standard