Internal Wired Expander Module
The ioXpander-8 Expander Module enhances the PowerMaster-33 EXP control panel with 8 programmable wired inputs or outputs and a wired speech box interface.


  • 8 programmable wired zone inputs or PGM outputs
  • Outputs can be used to connect wired sirens
  • Speech box interface with speaker and microphone
  • Remote software updates


External Wired Expander
The ioXpander-12×4 is a wired input/output expander that communicates with the PowerMaster-33 EXP G2 through the ioXpander-8 expander using an RS-485 Bus.


  • 12 wired inputs enabling 12 hardwired zone connections
  • 4 relay outputs
  • Built-in siren and strobe outputs
  • Front cover and back tamper switches for improved tamper protection
  • RS-485 bus to communicate with the ioXander-8