Visonic’s advanced home security products offer flexible options for better protecting the home from threats including intrusion, fire, gas etc. PowerG wireless home security system works with a wide range of wireless intrusion detectors, motion and safety detectors enabling comprehensive e solutions that can save lives and prevent personal injury

PowerG Wireless advanced
Outdoor curtain PIR detector

(MP-902 Pg2)
Enhance customers’ peace of mind with an early warning before intruders enter their office or home. This outdoor motion detector created a narrow protective shield across windows, balconies, doors, driveways and other entranceways for superior outdoor detection with minimal false alarms.

Magnetic contact with auxiliary Input

(MC-312 Pg2)
Extend outdoor security with the exceptional detection powers of high-performance devices designed for both residential and commercial houses. It is perfect for protecting perimeter gates, pool and garden enclosures shade doors, windows and more.

PowerG Ceiling mount PIR detector

(MP-862 Pg2)
Ensure complete 360-degree security from every angle with a single motion detector. Specially designed for ceiling placement out of easy reach by intruders, this powerful device provides detection coverage up to 10m in diameter ideal for small to medium-sized rooms in homes and businesses.

Motion Detector with integrated Camera

(Next CAM Pg2)
It is a perfect solution for visual alarm verification. When the alarm system is armed and PIR detects the movement the detector sends an alert to the control panel and activates the cameras. By reviewing the image in real-time security staff can verify the alarm and responds accordingly.