Power Master Panels are professional wireless or distributed wired security, safety and control systems. PowerG is Vasonic’s revolutionary technology on the basis of which all the peripherals controlled wirelessly. It is best suited for advanced security alarm monitoring application and heavy duty operation. Suitable for large residential and small to mid-size business installation. All the PowerG devices are configured through PowerMaster Panel.

PowerMaster-10 Triple G2

Compact Wireless Security Alarm

  • Accommodates more than 60 Wireless devices
  • Up to 30 Wireless Zones
  • Optional 3G, GSM/GPRS and IP modules
  • 12 or 24 hours battery backup
  • Compact wireless Security Alarm
  • Two-Way Wireless communication eliminates lost alarms and unnecessary transmission

PowerMaster-30 G2

Professional Wireless Security Alarm

  • Accommodates more than 120 Wireless devices
  • Up to 64 Wireless zones
  • Optional proximity Reader
  • Built-in Siren
  • Up to 48 hours back-up battery
  • Audible voice notifications

PowerMaster-33 EXP G2

Distributed Hybrid Security Alarm

  • Accommodates more than 120 wireless devices
  • Upto 64 Zones ,Wireless or wired
  • Optional ioXpander-8 internal expander module that
  • support 8 configurable wired input
  • 48 hours battery backup
  • Distributed Wireless and wired alarm security system.