PowerG technology is Vasonic’s revolutionary wireless technology for burglar alarm system which brings many advantages to home security solutions. Vasonic’s Intrusion detectors involves all type of security alarms with high resolution cameras and wide range of detection areas. PIR sensors offers reliable performance for intruder detection.

Tower-20AM PG2

Outdoor PIR Motion Mirror Detector

  • Superior outdoor detection with virtually no false alarms
  • PowerG, two-way, Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS-TDMA) technology
  • Unprecedented, complete anti-masking protection
  • Market-leading black mirror optics – Provide exceptionally high immunity to false alarms from sunlight and car headlights
  • Vandal-resistant design – Enabled by patented V-Slot® technology

Tower CAM PG2

Wireless Outdoor PIR Motion
Mirror Detector and integrated camera

  • High camera performance with similar coverage range of PIR
  • Power G, two way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS-TDMA) technology
  • Configured from the panel – No hardware switches and no need to re-open the detector once closed
  • Link quality displayed on the detection for easy installation

MC-312 PG2

Outdoor Magnetic door contact

  • PowerG wireless magnetic contact with auxiliary input
  • Powerful outdoor magnetic contact perfect for protecting any outdoor
  • Two-way communication protocol ensuring highly reliable advance security system.
  • Back and front temper proofing and anti-obstruction capabilities.
  • Reduced false alarms and simple installation due to wide gap tolerance
  • Simple installation and maintenance

MP-902 PG2

Wireless advanced Outdoor Curtain Sensor

  • Secures entranceways such as windows and doors
  • Narrow protective shield accurately detects movements of intruders
  • Built-in PowerG wireless intrusion technology
  • Detection range of up to 8 meters (26 ft)
  • Compact device, with a discreet modern design
  • Operates dependably in extreme temperatures and environmental conditions (IP55)
  • Suited for residential and small to mid-size businesses
  • Compatible with Power Master security systems