To enhance the safety, smoke and heat sensors are installed with any control system. Activated smoke and heat detector will cause an instant alarm with audio and video alerts when high temperature of smoke is detected.

SMD-429 PG2

Smoke and Heat Detector

  • Provides accurate early fire warning, with audio and visual alerts, when smoke or high temperature is detected
  • Enhances safety and facilitates maintenance, with alerts for device tampering and low battery
  • Ensures performance using built-in PowerG leading-edge wireless intrusion technology with two-way communication
  • Offers long-lasting value with a 3-year battery life (with typical use)
  • Large transmission range enables repeater free installations
  • Speeds up installations with visible link quality indicator on the device
  • Wall-mounted or desktop, with back tamper
  • Simple wall or ceiling installation, with bracket
  • Protected by a back tamper